List of reliable USB drive brands?

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    • Avoid Lexar on sale, had one go corrupt on me within an hour. They're not going to be selling sticks under Lexar brand anyway.

      Had found ViTran SLC USB3 on ebay, looks interesting. Untested though. Decent price.

      Have found the sandisk cruzer fit to be quite reliable indeed. Been using one to store data on my rpi torrentbox for a few months without issue.

      You can find good prices on usb 2.0 drives on Amazon, I saw Amazon US has industrial USB for sale.

      I always buy directly from Amazon warehouse stock or from local retailers.

      Have also found Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 to be reasonably priced and very reliable, been using several for a number of years, one did duty as omv boot drive for a while. It is usb3 but not very speedy.

      I am interested by m2 to usb converters. Seems good USB are hard to come by these days.
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