HELP: OMV installation screwed - howto access Clonezilla

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    • HELP: OMV installation screwed - howto access Clonezilla

      I need some help really badly as my OMV is broken and i can't access clonezilla to put an old backup.

      I have installed pi-hole to test it with my OMV installation.
      After the installation my OMV Web GUI was gone. I then rebooted to see if it fixes the problem. Now my network was gone.

      I tried to boot into clonezilla to put an older image but it seems the clonezilla image is gone from /boot (no idea why).
      I then downloaded the clonezilla image via wget and updated grub but i cant boot into clonezilla, correctly it seems.

      How does the grub section have to look so i can boot the live iso with my RAID drives mounted?

      To summarize where i am.

      1. I only have CLI access locally
      2. No X window - no access to OMV WebGUI
      4. I cannot boot clonezilla
      5. My clonezilla backup image is on the RAID drives

      Alternatively: I have a clonezilla live USB stick but i dont know how to mount the RAID drives in there
      When i boot the Live USB stick i see the following disks on the "scanning devices" screen:

      /dev/md127 (that should be the RAID?)
      /dev/sda (this is my boot drive)
      /dev/sdb (Raid drive A)
      /dev/sdc (Raid drive B)

      I can only end the devices scan with Control+C. Don't know if thats the usual way it should be.

      On the next screen i only get the partitions on SDA as selection for the image source....

      Any idea how to step forward?

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    • Hi,
      I think the main problem is that you have your clonezilla image on your RAID drives. Really not a good idea! I don´t know how to mount the RAID when you are running the Clonezilla live stick. But maybe there is another possibility.

      You wrote, you have still access to the CLI.

      I would try to login as root to the local console and try to reactivate the network with omv-firstaid. Then you can use WinSCP or something else to copy your clonezilla image to another PC.
      Or connect a USB drive locally, mount the drive by CLI and copy the image also by CLI.

      All assuming that your raid is already mounted and accessible in your OMV installation

      That problem should be solveable as long as you have access to the local OMV console.
      OMV 3.0.90 (Gray style)
      ASRock Rack C2550D4I - 16GB ECC - 6x WD RED 3TB (ZFS 2x3 Striped RaidZ1)- Fractal Design Node 304
    • I have access to the local console and the RAID is properly mounted.
      omv-firstaid does not work (command not found)

      I have in the meantime managed to get the RAID mounted under the clonezilla live stick.
      Attempting to make a backup of my screwed installation first results in errors in clonezilla though (even if it's broken i want to make a backup first to be sure in case i need to go back)

      Source Code

      1. Failed to save partition /dev/sda1.
      and this continues for the rest of the partitions...

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    • Ok i got it fixed by putting an old backup.

      For anyone that runs into the same trouble: To get the RAID drives running under a clonezilla LIVE USB disk i had to mount the array manually:

      1. Within Clonezilla start with the commandline
      2. "sudo mount -o rw /dev/md127 /home/partimag" where md127 is your raid arrray
      3. "sudo ocs-live"
      4. Select " skip Use existing /home/partimag" to use the already mounted array.

      Also be sure to set the permissions on the backup images to work with the Clonezilla LIVE ("chmod 777 -R ...")

      This question for me remains: How the hell could pi-hole fuck up my installation so badly?

      I used a howto from this site: [HOWTO] Install Pi-Hole
      My guess is that the howto only works for OMV 3 and not OMV 2 because of iproute2 and/or other reasons.
      If this is the case it should be clearly marked in that article as it really caused bad trouble here and i assume it will for anyone else.

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