How to upgrade OpenMediavault from 2x to 3.x?

    • OMV 2.x
    • Upgrade 2.x -> 3.x

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    • better is to do a new fresh install on a new boot media and configure services by hand, you spent some time, but none if compare to time spent to solve problems on upgrade.

      PD: There are dozens of post of other users that do the same upgrade, please read it first to understand the problem.

      eg: Upgrade 2.x - 3.x failed, config.xml broken?
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    • Different strokes for different folks.

      I had a very large time investment in building up my OMV 2.x machine over well more than a year since I started with it. It isn't just an OMV box, it does lots of other things for me and getting all that set up took a lot of time.

      For me, installing OMV 3.x from scratch and rebuilding all the rest from scratch was not an option. If I could not upgrade OMV 2.x to 3.x I would have to stay on 2.x indefinitely. So far, there are no must have features in 3.x that would force me into it no matter how I got there.

      In my upgrade attempts, and there were several needed, I cloned the 16GB SSD OMV 2.x system disk to another identical 16GB SSD. I then booted the clone and attempted the upgrade. After several attempts at this, trying different things, I was finally able to get a working upgrade.

      What made the upgrade possible for me in the end was to uninstall all OMV plugins from the shell. Not just v 2.x plugins known not to upgrade to 3.x - all of them had to be removed. And removed from the shell, not the GUI, and removed but not purged.

      Once I was booted into the upgraded to OMV, all I had to do was add the very few plugins back in and that was a fast and easy process.

      Kinda pointless to say it in this case but: YMMV
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