maybe hardware fault? mobo?

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    • maybe hardware fault? mobo?

      hi all guys, with no time to debug (and maybe not enough knowledge too) my previous omv installation, i decided to go whit a clean install, an i3 hp pavillion with 4gb ram.

      the cd installer lead me easily trough the entire process, manual ip set and no error messages. until reboot, where i suspected an hardware problem: i swapped the old eide disk (s.m.a.r.t. properties ok) with a sata one, reinstalled, then swapped the sata cable and finally i was able to boot normally.

      added the data hdd, set up users and shares, everything was fine, and i decided to add the dvd rom i disconnected before to avoid problems.
      but i was wrong, and now i cant' boot even with the os hdd only, even changing the sata port on the motherboard.

      here's a couple of shot of what i read on boot, tips appreciated. thanks.

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