Shutdown NAS by an UPS via SNMP

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Shutdown NAS by an UPS via SNMP

      Hi there,

      i try to find some more information about the SNMP Plugin. What is this plugin able to do?
      I have an UPS wich provided SNMP; on my previous NAS (QNAP) there was an easy way to configure it.
      Just give in the IP address of and a time frame to shut down the NAS, what works quit pretty.
      What can i put into the option field, was it able to get such function via this modul...or is there any other option for solving this?
    • Some options to shut down the NAS:
      - in the GUI in power management you can create a job to shut down OMV at a specific time
      - there is an autoshutdown plugin to shut down OMV based on use
      - there is NUT plugin to shut down OMV triggered by an UPS
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    • Thank you macom...

      do you have any specific hint for such configuration for me?
      For a SNMP solution i need to fight with the NUT plugin, that what i get.

      And here i need "only" to paste the few lines of configuration inside the driver configuration direct. field...?
      [snmpv1] driver = snmp-ups port = community = public snmp_version = v1 pollfreq = 15 desc = "Example SNMP v1 device""Is there no additional work needed? I found something like this in the documentation:"REQUIREMENTS:You will need to install the Net-SNMP package from before building this driver."BUT ... this page is talking always something about windows?!Sorry for asking and not tyring...but actaully my raid is waiting time :)
    • Hello...
      after resyncing i started with...

      monit[1041]: 'nut-server' process is not running
      monit[1041]: 'nut-server' trying to restart
      monit[1041]: 'nut-server' start: /bin/systemctl
      systemd[1]: Starting Network UPS Tools - power device driver controller...
      upsdrvctl[11725]: Can't start /lib/nut/snmp-ups: No such file or directory
      upsdrvctl[11725]: Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.2
      systemd[1]: nut-driver.service: control process exited, code=exited status=1
      systemd[1]: Failed to start Network UPS Tools - power device driver controller.
      systemd[1]: Dependency failed for Network UPS Tools - power devices information server.
      systemd[1]: Unit nut-driver.service entered failed state.

      seems something is missing...

      And an other question: i can't edit any user/password inside the monitoring section, normal?
      Why i write this here...just to have it together...maybe also others like to know ;)
    • ... no USB cable is connected, should it work then also...?

      Maybe to make it more clear....
      my eaton UPS got a web card inside...because the idea behind was that THIS card should give a few NAS systems and, more important, a VM host the right commands.
      An IPM-host inside the VM shuts down the the guests inside and finally the host itself. i don't like that each client get an service to check it by itself.
      So i still think the SNMP solution is what i need...because one USB connector wasn't enough.

      i found it out by myself, only installed the nut-snmp package manually ... then proceed like expected by adding these lines:

      driver = snmp-ups
      port = {IP Adress of my UPS-Web}
      community = public
      snmp_version = v1
      pollfreq = 15
      desc = "Eaton"

      i earned by this entries a graph of the load, the temperature and voltage doesn't work but maybe this could be a problem of the device, and not really a bug for me.
      Now i will let beep my UPS ;)

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    • NasBar wrote:

      entries a graph of the load, the temperature and voltage doesn't work but maybe this could be a problem of the device, and not really a bug for me.
      Now i will let beep my UPS

      They stopped working for me as well when I did a fresh re-install of OMV 3. I posted a thread about it, but nothing has been done. Need to post a bug report. Monitorix provides more information on the UPS than OMV. It would be nice to have detailed stats like Monitorix part of OMV.

      My config:

      UPS > Driver Configuration

      driver = snmp-ups
      port =
      community = public
      snmp_version = v1
      mibs = pw
      pollfreq = 15
      desc = "Eaton 5PX 1500"

      Services > UPS > Variables

      Init SSL without certificate database
      ambient.temperature: 0.0
      ambient.temperature.high: 40.00
      ambient.temperature.low: 0.00
      battery.charge: 100.00
      battery.current: 0.00
      battery.runtime: 3647.00
      battery.runtime.low: 180.00
      battery.voltage: 51.00
      device.mfr: EATON
      device.model: Eaton 5PX 1500
      device.serial: ID: G090E3410 , Msg: 5PX1500RT
      device.type: ups snmp-ups
      driver.parameter.mibs: pw
      driver.parameter.pollfreq: 15
      driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
      driver.parameter.snmp_version: v1
      driver.version: 2.7.2 pw MIB 0.6.2
      driver.version.internal: 0.72
      input.frequency: 59.90
      input.phases: 1.00
      input.quality: 1.00
      input.voltage.nominal: 120.00
      output.current: 4.00
      output.frequency: 59.90
      output.frequency.nominal: 60.00
      output.phases: 1.00
      output.realpower: 555.00
      output.voltage: 117.00
      output.voltage.nominal: 120.00
      ups.firmware: INV: 10
      ups.firmware.aux: Network Management Card V6.00 JL
      ups.load: 37.00
      ups.mfr: EATON
      ups.model: Eaton 5PX 1500
      ups.power: 555.00
      ups.power.nominal: 1500.00
      ups.realpower.nominal: 1500.00
      ups.serial: ID: G090E3410 , Msg: 5PX1500RT
      ups.status: OL
      ups.type: normal
      vendor.specific.abmstatus: Battery Resting
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