No third partition on 32GB SD [Raspberry Pi 3]

    • OMV 3.x

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    • No third partition on 32GB SD [Raspberry Pi 3]

      I've just installed the last OMV for the Raspberry Pi 3 into a 32GB sd card. I can see two partitions in File Systems: one vfat (62 MiB) and one ext4 (3.52 GB). I thought OMV automatically created a third partition with the remaining free space.

      In any case, if I try to create it myself, no devices are listed while doing so. Any clues on how to solve this, or if I can at least expand the ext4 system to save my data there?
    • Did you interrupt it while it was resizing on the first boot? You should be able to create it with fdisk and then format it from the command line. Then you would mount it from the web interface.
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    • I did not interrupt the installation. I've just ran fdisk -l and I can see that there is a third partition indeed, but it's not listed in the webUI. Could this be a bug?

      Edit to answer tkaiser request:

      1 0 4096 ram0
      1 1 4096 ram1
      1 2 4096 ram2
      1 3 4096 ram3
      1 4 4096 ram4
      1 5 4096 ram5
      1 6 4096 ram6
      1 7 4096 ram7
      1 8 4096 ram8
      1 9 4096 ram9
      1 10 4096 ram10
      1 11 4096 ram11
      1 12 4096 ram12
      1 13 4096 ram13
      1 14 4096 ram14
      1 15 4096 ram15
      179 0 30437376 mmcblk0
      179 1 64512 mmcblk0p1
      179 2 3818240 mmcblk0p2
      179 3 26246143 mmcblk0p3
    • derkomai wrote:

      Could this be a bug?
      Maybe (from a user perspective) but when preparing the new Raspberry image I chose to not format the 3rd partition with ext4 by intention. We're now running a pretty recent kernel on Raspberries (4.9.x) and since only RPi 2 and 3 are supported any more using btrfs here is an interesting option (especially when combined with transparent file compression).

      So all that's missing is a 'mkfs /dev/mmcblk0p3' (me prefering mkfs.btrfs) and then you can add it in OMV UI.