some advices for a new NAS

    • some advices for a new NAS

      Hi everyone!
      I currently have a NAS and plane to operate some big changes.
      I run with a RAID 5 of 3*3TB and I'd like to add 3*4TB but I need first to change everything (my current NAS was mainly built upon an old PC, hot and far to be quiet).
      This was what I was planning:

      - case: Fractal Design Node 304
      - alim: Be Quiet Pure Power 10 CM - 700W (I have a good price, cheaper than 500W, but will it fit in the case?)
      - RAM: I hesitate between 4 or 8 with my current setup then double it when I buy the 3*4TB (so 8 or 16 in a near future)?
      But I don't know which motherboard / CPU to choose. It's mainly for Samba / ftp file sharing, and maybe some plugins like Transmission, Plex, Owncloud and maybe some backup tools.
      Is it possible to find something around 120/150€ (MB + CPU) ?
      I was also wondering if we can find some MB with 6 sata or will I have to use a PCIe card?

      thanks in advance!

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