Problem with the .3 installer?

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    • Problem with the .3 installer?

      Couple things I've noticed with the .3 installer, vs the .2 installer.

      This is with the "Text Install" (not text auto install)
      1. It seems to automatically want to go to /dev/sda, without giving you the option to select a disk. It errored out on me, and I chose to go back, clicked "Detect disks" and manually selected the drive I want to. I'm assuming my usb install disk (installing to an internal sata drive) was detected as /dev/sda. The install then proceeded normally. No way should the installer select /dev/sda automatically. This is a pretty big issue in my opinion, as it could cause someone to unknowingly lose data.

      2. You don't seem to get the option to install grub to a custom location, it again defaults to /dev/sda. I need it to go to /dev/sdd. I've not figured out how to overcome this one yet. I tried Lilo, it gave an initramfs error... I might try trouble shooting that further if I can't figure out how to use grub (although I'd prefer using grub)

      Any suggestions on #2?
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    • Re: Problem with the .3 installer?

      OMV uses the Debian installer as it is, there is no way to fix something in it. The mentioned issues are bugs in my opinion too, but more than opening a bug report in Debian is not possible.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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