3.0 ignores capital characters?

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    • 3.0 ignores capital characters?


      today my boot drive died. Because I lost my backup, I tried 3.0.86. While smb/cifs worked instantly on ubuntu, I tried several hours to get it working on win10 but it wouldnt appear in the network, even if i could ping it etc.

      When I first set up my system(2.1), my NAS was called "itxNas" and Win10 wouldnt show it. Someone at another forum told me, that Win10 doesn't like lower letters and after changing it to "ITXNAS" it would show up.

      Knowing this I used "ITXNAS" for my 3.0 installation. And while it shows with all caps in the web-ui, there are several places where it is listed as "itxnas" (if I connect via SSH for example). After several failed attempts I went back to 2.1 and got smb instantly working on WIN10(it shows as "ITXNAS" everywhere).

      Could this be a reason, why it is difficult to get smb working on win10 when using 3.0?