MIgration: OMV3 standalone to OMV as KVM with proxmox

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    • MIgration: OMV3 standalone to OMV as KVM with proxmox

      Right now i'm in the process of moving my OMV3 standalone installation to a virtulized setup. Why you may ask: well I wanted to consolidate various servers I run at home (FHEM home automation, OMV, TVServer) and also reuse the CPU power of my OMV-server as gaming rig.

      I have silenced my server quite good so it can reside in the guestroom/office.

      Another possible way would have been using 50€ Intel SOCs to drive power consumption of the servers down and built a dedicated gaming PC, however I decided otherwise.

      First thing was installing proxmox on an old 2.5" drive. Then I created a VM for OMV and passthroued my system drive and data drives. Everything was running smooth, mergerfs etc. nothing to change.

      Then I installed Windows in an KVM and passed trough my 1050TI GPU and voila (ok, after 2 evenings of fiddling with the settings) I could play City Skylines on my main external Screen.

      Next steps: Moving the phyical OMV system drive to a disk image.
    • drdownload wrote:

      however I decided otherwise.
      Too bad. In my opinion, they should always be separate.

      drdownload wrote:

      Next steps: Moving the phyical OMV system drive to a disk image.
      Since you are passing through the system drive, add a virtual drive and boot clonezilla on the VM. Clone the system drive to the virtual drive. Shut the system down and remove the passthrough drive. Then boot the system and use omv-firstaid to fix the networking.
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    • drdownload wrote:

      FHEM home automation, OMV, TVServer
      Is stuff that can run alltogether on a single ARM systems that idles below 10W (if you go the extra mile and use relays/MOSFETs and some GPIO hacking to really power down HDDs that are not needed)

      Appreciate your risk propensity but I have a feeling you end up here soon talking about how to recover from a fiasco (one of the lessons I learned within the last decades is that avoiding complexity in certain areas is always the right decision)
    • Hi,

      I'm posting here because the topic of the thread matches what I'm currently doing.

      In the process of migrating from OMV2 to OMV3 I've decided to go virtual with Proxmox. I'm going to document my steps with as much detail as possible in case someone wants to point out something I'm doing wrong or a better option.

      I'm using PVE 5.1-36 with kernel 4.13.8-2-pve. I've installed OMV3 in a VM with a 32GB virtual drive (SCSI-VirtIO single with iothread -- it's my understanding this is the most performant option). The default OMV kernel installed is 4.9.0-0.bpo.4-amd64, but after installing OMV-Extras I have the option to switch to an older kernel compiled for PVE: pve-kernel-4.4.95-1-pve. Which kernel should I use? 4.9.0 bpo or 4.4.95 pve?