Omv: two interfaces as gateway.

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    • Omv: two interfaces as gateway.


      My office moved the file server to OpenMediaVault: I found it very clear and responsive.
      I would like to configure two interfaces, so that I can make the server acting as gateway for all the clients inside the office.

      This is my configuration:

      eth0 : external
      dns (from isp)

      eth1 : internal
      dns (from isp)


      Is it possible to configure ip fowarding to reach internet from internal network?

      Thank you,
    • Thank you Sc0rp,

      will /etc/sysctl.conf be overwritten during updates?

      Why should this solution be weaker than a network where the server and clients are on an equal level, just behind the router?
      You mean a dual-nic to directly forward the traffic for the internal network?

    • Re,

      i'll not make a complete documentation over network security at all - sry, no time for that ;).

      Just take my complains and check what is more important for you: simpliness or security.
      - Best construct for security is a dedicated Dual-NIC in a vm-environment (kvm preferred).
      - The easiest way for your issue, is to split the NIC into logical units - making at least an eth0.1 device, which transports the traffic upstream. Then you have only to NAT (or technically correct PAT) your office lan via iptables to the upstream-interface. (in this case you don't need a second NIC, but you can of course upgrade my suggestion with that :D).

      rickyx wrote:

      will /etc/sysctl.conf be overwritten during updates?
      Afaik only in special cases, not normally while "apt-get update" ... but i never edited this file :P