Starting Programs via Website

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Starting Programs via Website


      I do not know where to go with my question, so I put it here.

      My setup looks as follows:

      I run OMV on a 'home server' and i use Nginx for my website, which is accessible via DynDns from the Internet.

      With the Virtualbox plugin i run a Windows 7 VM.

      Now to my question:

      I would like to start and end programs on the 'Virtual' Windows 7 from my website.

      I want to access the website over the Internet and start or stop a game server on the Win7 VM for example.

      I've already tried ‘googleing’the problem but was unable to find a suitable solution.

      Unfortunately, my HTML and PHP knowledge is very low.(Just like my English) 8|

      So I do not know whether such a thing is possible at all.

      It would be nice if someone had an idea.