Which energy efficient ARM platform to choose?

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      I'm still not sure on what amount of ram is better to have on
      On systems where network is faster than storage (eg. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or more suited ARM boards with Gigabit Ethernet on an own bus but still only USB2) more DRAM always means higher 'NAS client --> server performance' since network transfers are fast as long as the amount of data written still fits inside filesystem buffers (page cache). So you have a board with Gigabit Ethernet, 4 GB DRAM but just USB2 storage and copy a 10 GB file... The first 3.x GB will be transferred at up to 100 MB/s and once OMV has to start to flush buffer contents to disk it will slow down to USB2 storage performance (slightly below 40 MB/s). With RPi 3 B+ it would be 'around 30 MB/s' vs. 'less than 20 MB/s' and the slowdown will happen already after ~750 MB or maybe even less.

      On boards where storage is not the bottleneck (Rock64 with USB3 for example or some other ARM platforms) you don't need to worry about that. 1GB will be as fast as 4GB.

      With ZFS a lot of RAM is a good idea (but you can run it also on system with less RAM but need to adjust some tunables then, mostly related again to filesystem buffers/caches). But ZFS on ARM is currently 'experts only' at least with OMV. The ZFS plugin is not available for ARM and building the necessary modules in an automated way is also challenging. So better forget about that.

      Wrt plex server... no idea, only used that once to demonstrate how easy armhf software can be installed on an arm64 distro.

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