Which filesystem to choose for OMV NAS?

    • OMV 3.x

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    • I vote for ext4. Long time there and recovery tools are available.
      NTFS schould only be used for short-time exchange of data, but not for long term use with linux.
      BTRFS and ZFS are modern filesystems, but need some knowledge.

      That is my opinion at least.
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    • Already 2 of 2 against NTFS and for ext4. I think this says everything and answered my question already.

      Ok so I will now move my data from disk1 (ntfs) to disk2 (ext4), format and create a ext4 filesystem on disk1 and copy everything back frtom 2 to 1.

      Write speed should be way faster too because when everything was NTFS write speed was only about 80 mbyte / second.