Fresh install OMV 3 with Home Assistant?

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Fresh install OMV 3 with Home Assistant?


      I'm now on OMV 2 and about to do a fresh install of OMV 3 on an SSD instead (Intel X-25M 80gb).
      Firstly, how do I do to use the same configuration with all my connected HDD's?

      They are used with the Pooling (aufs) plugin and are separate from the OMV install (which has it's own HDD).
      How do I make sure that I can set it up the same way with 3.0?

      And what is the correct procedure to install Home Assistant on OMV? I cannot find any guides for this. And their website are more focused on RPi.

      Thank you!
    • hello, sorry my English first. However, I installed it a few hours ago and I followed this guide:

      though I think it's best to create the user and the group from the GUI and not from the command line. Wait for reply from who knows them most, hoping someone will help us :)
      From Italy :) :)

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