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    • Please delete topic, sorry for noise not useful to archive it...

      petrus wrote:

      Am I alone with this pb ?
      Nope, currently the ARM boards are configured to fetch updates from (result of a discussion with @ryecoaaron a while ago) while the x64 ISOs use instead. Most probably there's a mismatch.

      BTW: Since you're still on kernel 4.9.35 there's another problem on your installation (not receiving kernel updates any more -- see New approach for Raspberry Pi OMV images for details)
    • petrus wrote:

      For being honest, I don't remember exactly which .img I've set up... :s
      The problem with OMV 3 on the Raspberries with all images except the latest one is that it seems you don't get further kernel updates if you remain on Jessie (OMV 3): RPi people package bootloader and kernel as debs and provide them through their repos. But their Raspbian Jessie repo still contains only 4.9.35 kernel while their Raspbian Stretch repo provides a newer 4.9.41 kernel -- so if you run a really old Raspberry image to get most recent kernel most probably you'll have to do an 'omv-release-upgrade' which will update package base to Rasbian Stretch but also upgrade to OMV 4 which is something I wouldn't recommend for end users today.

      With latest RPi OMV image (always available at…/Raspberry%20Pi%20images/ ) we changed that in a way the RPi repos are switched to Rasbian/Stretch but since all the other packages use plain Debian repos the OS remains at Debian Jessie. So on latest RPi image you get kernel/bootloader updates but can decide on your own when you want to upgrade from OMV 3 to 4.

      A 'recipe' how to upgrade older images flawlessly can be extracted from the aforementioned thread but my personal recommendation would either start from scratch with latest official OMV image or ignore the missing kernel update for now and update in a few months to OMV4.

      And anyone using Wifi on his Raspberry should check now whether latest wpasupplicant and hostapd packages are installed since (Debian, Raspbian and Armbian repos contain updated packages already)