RAID1 disappear every time I reboot

    • OMV 3.x
    • RAID1 disappear every time I reboot

      Hi everyone.
      I'm having a problem build a RAID1 with raid managament.
      I'm tring to build a RAID1 with two Ironwold 6TB. The problem is that every time that I build it, after the reboot it will disappear.

      If I try to rebuild it the data will still be there, so I'm not losing anything, but I don't wont to rebuild the RAID1 every time that I need to reboot my nas!

      Can someone help me trying to resolve this problem? :(
      Intel G4400 - Asrock H170M Pro4S - 8GB ram - 2x4TB WD RED in RAID1 - ZFS Mirror 2x6TB Seagate Ironwolf
      OMV 4.1.4 - Kernel 4.14 backport 3 - omvextrasorg 4.1.2