advice for swapping out system drive

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    • advice for swapping out system drive

      I have to change my system drive, so it seems the right opportunity to do a clean install as the system has been upgraded from early 2.x release all the way through to the current release.
      I have only a couple of non-show stopping issues with the current system, so have some reservations about the effort involved.

      In the circumstances, what is the best approach to be able to install a clean system but restore the essential settings, etc.
    • Make screenshots of the GUI of all settings you made in OMV.
      You can also use /etc/openmediavault/config.xml as reference. But you can NOT copy and paste the config.xml to setup your system. All the configuration has to done in the GUI.

      Exchange your old system drive by the new one. DIsconnect the data drives. Install OMV3 or OMV4 (not announced stabel, yet). Shut down the server, connect the data drive, restart the server.
      Finally do the configuration needed.
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    • Use the Extras. Install USB Backup Plugin. Pretty simple to use and it backs up all essential system data, not stored files on shares.
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