Docker - problem with permission

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    • Docker - problem with permission

      I have problem with setting docker. I need to setup Nextcloud in docker. Tried to download few images (clean nextcloud, wonderfall, linuxserver) but everyone has problem.
      When i try to run image, log has this line:

      standard_init_linux.go:185: exec user process caused "permission denied"

      Container settings:

      Can anyone help with this problem?
    • Problem resolved. Probably Unionfs was the cause.
      In Docker is base path (/var/lib/docker) an I set it to my data disk via Unionfs (/srv/xxxxx/). When I set it to default (system disk with OS) all is working.
      I try set direct_io=disable but had some errors - set it back to enable.

      Now I have Docker system files on OS drive and contained data on Data drive (direct path - /media/xxx not via Unionfs)
    • Ammiraglio wrote:

      As far as I understand the direct_io options can cause problems with dockers, so try to remove it.
      Also, your docker user isn't the owner of the folders (root is) unless you specifically set the docker user as owner.
      Do you have any pointers for info about the direct_io in mergerfs problem with Docker? I'd like to use direct_io but it doesn't play well with Docker. I had a really hard time figuring out why rutorrent wouldn't download anything but it turned out disabling direct_io made it work. But that's a workaround more than a solution. I'd like to know what's going on and if possible use direct_io with mergerfs and Docker at the same time if somehow possible.