mySQL not reachable over network

    • OMV 3.x
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    • mySQL not reachable over network


      first of all thanks for the great work everyone does with OMV and the plugins - i still use it for several years and it never let me down! :)

      Unfortunatelly i now have a problem with mySQL plugin after setting up my new NAS.

      Everyting on OMV side seems to work well (plugin installed and enabled, root password set, webSQL etc.) but i can´t connect to the database over network.

      On OMV network side i just have a simple configuration - static IP, that´s all. No firewall rules etc.

      Here´s a list of things that i already tried:

      - disabled windows firewall on SQL client
      - firewall rule for incoming traffic on OMV port 3306
      - reinstalled SQL plugin
      - several SQL users
      - installed OMV on a virtual machine for testing purposes - same problem here with blank installation ?(

      Now i don´t know what else to do for fixing this problem. I hope someone here can help me. :thumbup:

      FYI: i want to use mySQL for central Kodi database. I tried to connect to mysql with kodi and with MySQL query browser (to be sure that the problem is not caused by kodi)

      Thanks in advance!
    • hey guys,

      I'm facing the same problem.
      I changed binding adress to and changed host to % for my kodi mysql user.
      But still, I am getting error "ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)".

      Do you have any further advice?

      Thanks in advance :)

      /EDIT: Ok ... done ... I tried to change the binding directly in the my.cnf file and not in the web admin ... :P

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    • ph1 wrote:

      I tried to change the binding directly in the my.cnf file and not in the web admin
      Any change in the web interface and it will be changed back. Changing my.cnf directly is not recommended.
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