problem with linuxserver/plex in docker

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    • problem with linuxserver/plex in docker

      guys, i want to report a problem when i'm trying to run plex in docker using the "linuxserver/plex" image. i followed exactly the steps in @flvinny521 's instruction (OMV + Docker plugin media server (Plex, PlexPy, Ombi, Libresonic, NZBGet, ruTorrent, Sonarr, Radarr, Mylar, and more)) which, by the way, helped me a lot to understand how docker runs in OMV, except changing the "INSTALL URL" part because the bug has been fixed in the new version. But, when opening the plex webUI in localhost:324000, chrome shows "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." and it also happened when i changed the explorer to IE, edge.

      I'm new to OMV and don't how to fix it, so I gave it up and pulled the official image "plexinc/pms-docker" from docker hub. it turned out everything works. I don't why and guess it may caused by the linuxserver image not updated? or not compatible with the explorer?
    • problem with linuxserver/plex in docker

      I've built a Plex container from the same image (linuxserver/plex) about a month ago and it worked fine. Over this weekend, I attempted to build another container from the same image ((well, an image with the same name)) and I got the same thing you did. I used two different browsers, Firefox and Explorer, as well. Out of curiosity, I built an Emby container and it worked fine, which leads me to believe that the Docker Plugin is fine. (BTW: I'm running another docker full time, Pi-Hole, which also hosts a web site.)

      This is pure speculation on my part; but the maintainers of the image,, may have altered the image and pushed the change out to hub.docker. The flaw may not have caught up to them yet. (Which gives me pause for thought about the wisdom of updating a working docker image.)

      Give it a week or so, for the issue to be discovered and corrected, and try it again.
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