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    • Backup to External Drives

      Hey guys,

      Okay so I currently have x2 8TB drives in my NAS and I have x4 External USB 5TB drives that I use for backup, the issue is that the other week my newest external drive failed and I had no idea what was on the drive so to go through all of my media and pick out whats on the other 3 HDD's and transfer the remaning files to my (replacement drive - under warrenty) would be a nightmare I'm thinking just wiping all 4 and starting again by copying everything back over from the NAS to each HDD.

      I am wondering is there an easier way (i.e. a backup plugin) I dont want the external drives always to be connected to my NAS I want it so that every so often I can connect the drive and it will automatically sync the new stuff over to that drive. The only issue is how would that work as would it know if I deleted something an altert me to delete it off my external HDD and I normally say for TV series keep all of the series on one drive which I doubt would be possible using this method as if one drive is full its not gonna shift data around like I can from drive to drive but mainly I am wondering if there is any plugin that I can connect my drives and it fill one HDD up then when I connect another it continues syncing and when I add new files and connect the HDD i can click sync and it will do that and add the new files to the HDD.

      EDIT: Also if I'm diconnecting and reconnecting external drives in different order will this confuse the backup plugin as assume it may mount it under a path? Also they will be formatted to NTFS so that my PC can read them. And will the plugin keep track of what data is on what drive as if one fails I'm in the same problem.


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    • Check out the USB backup plugin.
      You can specify which shared folders shall be send to which drive.
      The dirves are identified.
      After the backup is completed you will receive an email which contains which files have been copyed to which drive.
      You can also make use of the log files.
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    • /Ky wrote:

      Also they will be formatted to NTFS
      It is possible to use NTFS, but not recommended. For stability reasons a native linux file system would be better.

      /Ky wrote:

      and it fill one HDD up then when I connect another it continues syncing
      As @macom has written, USB backup is shared folder based. That means the size of the drives must match to the used space of the shared folder. AFAIK it is not possible to spread the content of a shared folder over more than one backup disks. Insofar it is not possible to "continue syncing" as you have written.

      Nevertheless you can spread serveral shared folders over several drives. And you can connect them at the same time. Backup jobs of different drives run parallel.
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