RRD not showing a file system

    • OMV 3.x

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    • RRD not showing a file system

      I've recently installed OpenMediaVault and have been building my NAS box. It has been going well overall. Great software. I like that it is built on Debian.

      Recently I had a problem with one of my file systems -- it was a RAID 10 on a LSI 9650 controller. Rather than rebuild it as is I decided to export each of the four disks as JBOD disks and then build a btrfs RAID 10 equivalent on those four drives. I used the UI to create the initial btrfs on a single drive ( sdd1 ) and then used the command line to add the additional three devices and to convert and rebalance. It works fine, except this file system is not shown in the graphs at Diagnostics - System Information - Performance - Disk Usage . My other two (single disk ) btrfs file systems and the ext4 system disk are shown.

      How can I diagnose and fix this? ?(


      - Mike