Files on added HDD lost (or hide)

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Files on added HDD lost (or hide)

      Need help,

      i've extend my NAS-board with an additional pci-e Sata Controller and add a extra hdd on it.
      After a system reboot omv show the hdd correctly.
      I integrate the hdd with the same permission like the other hdd's.
      Everything is fine and works.
      Couple days later I did it again, add a second hdd at the same controller .... same procedure again.
      Hdd will formatted and so on.
      Not it seems that all file which I've add to the first added hdd will be lost (or hide!).
      Hide because if I select the hdd on my windows pc I can see that a part of the hdd are reserved (approx size of missing files).
      I've check omv config again and again but can't find whats wrong.

      Some ideas what wrong or I can do?


      (btw. I'm not the real linux expert, windows yes, so be patient ;( )