UPS Nut remote monitoring

    • OMV 3.x
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    • UPS Nut remote monitoring

      hi all. I have OpenmediaVault box with ippon 600. It works fine with nut plugin installed.
      driver = blazer_usb
      port = auto
      desc = "Ippon IBP"
      default.battery.voltage.high = 13.60
      default.battery.voltage.low = 10.60
      offdelay = 6
      ondelay = 7
      pollinterval = 60

      I have pfscense 2.3 on another box. It in same network. How to connect pfsense nut service to OMV UPS?
    • cabrio_leo wrote:

      az69ms1 wrote:

      How to connect pfsense nut service to OMV UPS?
      I don´t know pfsense. Did you have a nut client there? Did you activate "Remote monitoring" in the nut plugin?
      yes. it have NUT client. you can choose: Local USB, Local Serial, Local serial (genericups), remote NUT server, Remote apcupsd, remote netxml, remote snmp.

      Most likely "remote NUT server". Remote IP address or hostname - (OMV ip), Remote port (optional), Remote username - mon (i insert on the OMV), Remote password ....

      remote monitoring local connected ups on OMV - on

      Perhaps need to specify a port, which one is it standard?