nginx plugin redirect to plex and other web applications

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    • nginx plugin redirect to plex and other web applications

      I am trying to use the nginx plugin to create a website that has sub-directories that redirect to various other web plugins on the server. I'm trying to set up the website so that when I go to <OMV Server IP>:<website port>/plex it will redirect to <OMV Server IP>:32400 and /cloud will redirect to <OMV Server IP>:44330

      Plex is running in docker and is bound to the host port 32400

      I've tried using this in the nginx extra options:

      Source Code

      1. location /plex
      2. {
      3. proxy_pass http://localhost:<website port>;
      4. proxy_set_header Host localhost:<website port>;
      5. proxy_redirect default;
      6. }
      7. location /cloud
      8. {
      9. proxy_pass http://localhost:<website port>;
      10. proxy_set_header Host localhost:<website port>;
      11. proxy_redirect default;
      12. }
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      I get a 401 Error when I try to access that site. I'm unsure if it is the website not working correctly because of a setting in plex or (more likely) the configuration is incorrect.