Scheduled Jobs problem running bash script

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    • Scheduled Jobs problem running bash script

      Dear friends, I have following issue with running bash script from scheduled jobs through the GUI web interface:

      I have simple bash script (lftp command that copy files from ftp to local drive) which is operational through SSH. When I try to run it through scheduled jobs it works (files are copied), but all file names that contain Cyrillic letters are renamed (for example: тест.txt became ????.txt). What is causing this and can it be fixed.
      On previous OMV version 2.x it was working too without any problems.
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      1. env >/tmp/script-environment.txt
      2. set >>/tmp/script-environment.txt
      let the script execute, then compare with env and set output when you execute both commands via SSH. Then adjust $LANG* and $LC* variables accordingly (eg. add somewhere prior to the copy command a LANG= definition if this is differing)
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