Printing with SMB shared printer - cannot add printer

    • OMV 3.x
    • Resolved

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    • Printing with SMB shared printer - cannot add printer

      I have openmediavault 3.0.92 running on regular x86-64 PC based on 775 platform. What I am trying to achieve is to get hassle-free printing working.

      I managed to configure printer and driver sharing with combination of Samba and CUPS. Everything works great on my laptop which is Lenovo T460 with customized Windows 7 Enterprise (computer came with windows preinstalled by my employer as it is my work machine. Maybe it has some modifications done with printing): I navigated through Network > FORTELLER-NAS > right-click on my printer and connect. Driver has downloaded and installed correctly and I could print right away.

      With my own computer with Windows 10 x64 1703 I can't even start driver installation. When I follow procedure mentioned above, I get Cannot Connect to Printer error with code 0x00000002 as soon as I click "Connect". Going through Add Printer dialog and "Select a shared printer by name" option gives me the same error, but when I change domain name (FORTELLER-NAS) to ip address in address field installation starts, I am getting "Looking for a driver" dialog and when "Finishing installation" appears I get "Adding the printer connection failed - The server print spooler service is not running".

      When I start Print Management dialog, I can add my NAS as print server and navigate through all fields which all looks ok. I see drivers which I added previously, Samba Print Port and my printer of course.

      On the server side I made sure that spoolssd is working.

      However, when I add my printer using Internet Printing Protocol all is working fine. All I have to do is to provide the driver separately and I got printing working.

      I am running out of ideas how to troubleshoot this problem. I will happily provide any logs necessary, just point me which I need to paste.

      Thanks in advance!