OMV Fail disk raid

    • OMV 2.x

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    • OMV Fail disk raid

      Hi guys, here Kevin form Lima, Perú.
      Im using 3 differente NAS at home, at work and personal office.
      So, i have a proliant DL380 g6 with 1 disk 146gb for OS and 6 disk 146gb raid built in HP array utility for Data and a external seagate 4tb for backups.
      So what happen today is a fail disk of the raid, the led of the disk is orange, and i cant see anymore the shares in the raid, and im worried cause i make backups each week, so i lost a week of work.
      So, my question is, can i recover all data? can u tell me how? i rly need help!!!
      Thanks for your help, if im not in the correct topic, pls move to the right one.
      And sry for my rly bad english.
    • Hi,

      you didn´t write which Raid Level you have configured? I assume that the HP array utility can be accessed after POST in the BIOS. Did you have a look into that? Normally it should tell you the Raid Level and which drive has failed. If you have a raid level with redundancy (Raid 1, Raid 5....) a single failed drive should be no problem. Also in the HP utility there should be an option to rebuild the array after changing the faulty drive. Nevertheless you should then still be able to see your shares.
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