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      It has come to my attention that there is an issue between using a normal windows of Chrome and an incognito window of Chrome for the OMV GUI. If I use a normal Chrome window to access the OMV GUI I will receive errors when trying to create a new shared folder. However if I access the OMV GUI via a incognito chrome window I don't receive this error message. This error message is blocking me from creating a new shared folder for a new SMB that I want to provide to my users. The error seems to be related to the a Name Field and the field is not in the XML for SMB. I have checked the XML and I do not see a name field in the XML structure. As I stated before when I do this process in an incognito browser I do not see this error or do I see the Name Field in the shared folder popup. Now, one might say "Hey, if your able to do it in incognito then this is not an issue!" To that I say nay. There is no way to click on a link (html tags, bookmark, etc..) that would open up an incognito window that brings me to the OMV http site. Thus is my issue. I am creating a dashboard for myself and I am failing to add a section for OMV due to the inability to open the OMV http site in an incognito window.

      Things to note:
      - Verison 3.0.94
      - Installed the OMV-Extras package
      - Running OMV as Hyper-V VM
      - ***Issue*** Not only does this occur for building a shared folder in a normal window, it also occurs when i am trying to update users, either ACL, Permission or Settings. However I haven't been able to pin point the exact issue which seems to be the issue between the incognito vs normal window, but just to point it out.
      -Organizr Dashboard

      If anyone has any idea how to help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    • [OMV 3.0.94] Chrome normal vs incognito

      Did you try to delete your browser cache?

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