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    • software RAID

      Hi everyone,

      My server is actually installed on a dedicated hard drive and i'm hosting my files on a software RAID5 (built with OMV)

      I'm planning to install an hypervisor on the system disk and then virtualise OMV on the RAID, but I don't want to format it ... Will my current RAID5 be recognized by ESXi ? Can I use it to host my VMs without losing my files ?

      Sorry for my approximate english
    • Ykzel wrote:

      Will my current RAID5 be recognized by ESXi ?
      No. You could only pass-through the disks to one individual OMV VM and there use your RAID5 which is a great way to make the whole RAID approach laughable (since RAID is about availability and with that many single points of failure you can not talk about availability any more).

      You would need a 'hardware RAID' controller to put VMs on locally attached storage and you do not want to use RAID5 for something like that (since RAID5 is a joke anyway and especially with such workloads that require high random IO performance where RAID5 and RAID6 simply suck).

      We use for such scenarios ZFS filers that make use of RAID10 (in reality it's not exactly RAID10 but 'mirrored vdevs in one large pool' since this is the only topology which shows the necessary performance characteristics) and share them using NFS or iSCSI to the virtualization servers. On a single server the best you could do is to put all your VMs on a SSD and care about backup instead of RAID from now on.