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      Did someone ever managed to make OMV3 and FreeIPA work together ?

      I installed freeipa client on OMV, it's registering OMV on IPA but that's all, i can't use my LDAP users with OMV...

      Is there something else to config to get users / groups from freeipa ?

      Thanx !!
    • Hello,

      Using the omv 4 ldap plugin and a small modification (using nss-ldapd and installing nscd) I managed to have the users displayed in the omv interface.

      I created the ssh group on freeipa and added my users into it and I can log in to omv.

      But now I think I will try to remove the ldap plugin and install directly the freeipa-client.
    • Ok, I followed this:…s/#install-the-ipa-client

      to install the freeipa-client, works perfect. Just replace the sources.list line with this one:
      echo -e 'deb stretch main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list

      I can log in my omv box using a freeipa user. But the user is not created locally (not appearing in the passwd file), so I don't really know how OMV will react as a whole to this new user.

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