FTP directory shows up empty

    • OMV 3.x (stable)

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    • FTP directory shows up empty

      I'm an extra newb and i would appreciate some help. Since SMB support for Android sucks (its a know matter where you get back speeds no matter your setup) i thought of setting up the ftp and broadcasting the smb contents through there. So i enabled ftp service, added a single smb share for testing purposes, saved and applied the settings, and restarted the machine.

      So on my mobile android device, i got an ftp client i set my localip:21 and it connects coming up with an empty directory.

      Any theories on where im messing up
    • It was the android ftp clients fault. I'm trying AndFTP and i now got it working with anonoymous login. Does anybody got a better ftp client fro Androdi suggestion?

      Are my shares available online as well?

      I only want to access them from inside my local network

      Also whats the active/passive setting