Windows XP share issue

    • OMV 4.x
    • Resolved

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    • Windows XP share issue


      I'm having trouble accessing OMV from a Windows xp computer.
      When i tried to access it it ask for user name and password but no matter what username and password i use, it just keeps asking for the password.
      I've tried on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 machines without any issue, only with XP machines i can't access the shares.
      Help please... :/
    • SAMBA do not suppot NTLN, (winXP), you need to tune it to support.

      No connection to share
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    • This "might" do it for you: client max protocol = NT1 (Or an even earlier version) client max protocol = LANMAN1

      You would put one of the above statements in OMV's SMB/CIF, in the Settings Tab (in extra options) or at the bottom of an individual SMB share (in extra options). You might want to try this in a single share, to test it - noting the following:

      Here's the thing, @Dropkick Murphy is right. There's a security risk to your network shares in using SMB1 prot's and since M$ has shut down SMB1 protocols in their security updates, M$ clients from Vista to Win10 may not connect.

      Here's a bit more info on the protocol levels: Samba
      Using client max protocol and client min protocol maybe you can come up with something to "bracket" what you need to get done.

      On the other hand, this might be the time to consider loading Linux Mint on the WinXP client.-> Linux Mint The Xfce edition should work well on old hardware.

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