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      Hi everybody, I'm a new user of the forum and of the openmediavault; I have installed for the first time the openmediavault this morning and, following a tutorial, I created my first NAS with a raspbberry 2.
      I created a new folder in a 30G pendrive and it's work fine. I Tried at connect at the raspberry a my USB HD with some film in mkv and with some subfolder.
      I created in SMB a share folder and I choose the principal folder ofthe HD USB and I hoped that I can see also the subfolder and the mkv files, but if iI click in the folder I don't see anything.

      It's possible share a movie in the external HD with folders full, or the folders to be shared must be empty?
      Thanks and ciao and sorry my bad english
    • There's missing information:

      Did you format the USB HD on OMV? Much depends on the answer to that question. If you didn't format it on OMV, the base folder (that SMB is layered on top of) may not have the right permissions.

      The easiest way to be sure there are no problems with your share would be create a file system for the drive on OMV (format it), share a folder (permission, Others R/W/E or "Everyone"), then apply an SMB share to that folder with "Guests Allowed", and Read Only set to OFF.

      (This process would wipe files you have on the drive. You would need to reload movies, etc.)

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