Cannot see any filesystems in the filesystems tab

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Cannot see any filesystems in the filesystems tab

      I'm having an issue finding the filesystems on my OMV install.
      When I go into the the filesystem tab nothing shows up other than communication failure and I get a blank screen. The filesystem is a software RAID 6 array that I created in an old install that got nuked by a power outage. Is there a way to mount my filesystem and have OMV pick it up?
    • No luck just waiting, I need to select the device to create the file system and it communication failure's after loading, and no device shows.

      fdisk -l only detects the main hard drive, then hangs. blkid just hangs. dmesg is full of Buffer I/O error on dev sda, async page read.

      This is all running on a Raspberry Pi 3 for me, so it could definitely just be underpowered.

      EDIT: I believe I've just fixed this problem for me. My external HDD was powered by USB only, and I had it plugged into the Pi directly. After some searching around, I ended up using a 2A USB hub, plugging the HDD into the hub, and then plugging the main USB into the Pi. That way, the HDD was powered by the USB hub's power adapter but the data was picked up by the Pi. This let me format the drive and create a file system on it through OMV with no communication errors. I'm much happier considering the consensus I saw from the "Buffer I/O" errors on non-Pi systems was a failed drive. I'll update this later if I have any more problems.

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