HP nl-54 -> Gen 8 raid 5 transplant

    • OMV 3.x
    • HP nl-54 -> Gen 8 raid 5 transplant

      I've had a Gen 8 micro server sitting around for a couple of months due to no time, but today was a day I had time!
      Current NL54 setup - 30GB ssd boot/os drive (sda) , 3 x 2TB disks in raid 5, running OMV 2.
      New Gen8 - 256GB HDD (sda, might swap to the above ssd once all running) running OMV 3. The Gen8 is a far more complex BIOS then the NL54 (which is just a PC), and I don't have the capacity to backup 4TB of data at present unless I buy a 4TB drive just to backup on. I had to make a single disk raid just to see a boot disk!

      Whats the best way to move and rebuild the array without losing anything?

      All advise welcome :)