Mirror to Raid 5 or 10 without data loss

    • OMV 3.x
    • Mirror to Raid 5 or 10 without data loss

      Hi guys

      I was wonderin i have an omv v3 install running for a fee months have a few question

      I have 2 x 2tb drives in mirror raid at the moment

      If i add a 3rd 2 tb drive can i upgrade the raid to raid 5 from mirror raid 1 and also is itpossible the new drive is a different brand or model tothe other two but has same capacity


    • Hi there!

      I'm afraid converting an existing RAID1(Mirror) to a RAID5(1xParity) is all but easy. The best way to accomplish this is to copy all your data off to another location, e.g. USB-HDD, then build your RAID5 with the 3rd member disk. Remember to remove the RAID1, wipe the physical disks which were formerly used as a RAID1 before (re-)building the RAID5 array. Once done, remount the new RAID via GUI. Then you can copy your data back to your new RAID.

      Keep the USB drive in a secure location for backup if anything goes wrong!

      To achieve the best performance in terms of reliability and working speed, it's advised to use identical drives ( Same brand and model ). Refrain from using disks with different rotational speeds as this would hamper your RAID's overall performance.

      Hope I could help!

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      All servers don't use any flash-based storage for the operating system. The OS boots off a partition on the RAID itself!