Data transfer between 2 external hdd's (usb)

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Data transfer between 2 external hdd's (usb)

      Hey Guys,

      i know that this was probably covered somewhere in the forum before, but i wasn't able to find anything useful and decided to past after 30 mins of search.
      I have Raspberry 3 with omv 3.0.95 running smoothly since about a year now. I have multiple HDD's with a lot of different files on them connected to it and the shares work well. Since i come from a gaming background my desktop PC is running Win 10 and i connect through smb to open and copy the files. Sometimes i want to copy a file from one hard drive which is connected to the Raspberry to another one that is connected to it. At the moment i am doing this with the smb protocoll which is stupid because the file has to go through my win 10 PC to then go back to the Raspberry (at least i think that is what happens). Obviously i could connect through ssh. But then i am missing a gui and tend to get lost in the folder structure of my hdds. Therefore i was wondering if there is some kind of graphical interface that lets me connect to the Raspberry and do the internal file exchange easier and faster?

      Sorry for that long text.

    • Larkin wrote:

      I tried the MC approach. That would actually work, but the funny thing is the last two hdds i mounted in omv weren't mounted to media/. Instead they are mounted to srv/. Is this the new way to do it? Can i somehow change the mount point in omv?

      /srv is now being used by OMV instead of /media as the mount point for hard drives beginning in OMV 3.x at some point in its evolution. But you can revert/fix this such that all newly added disks will wind up in /media instead.

      To do this change the following environment variable in the file /etc/default/openmediavault


      It's also possible to move existing drives from /srv to /media but it can be complicated if you have shares already defined and/or services that reference the old mount point of /srv. I know the process involves some heavy editing of the config.xml file as a minimum - other service related files might need fixups too, but I can't point to the specifics. Be careful if you edit that file and make sure you have a good backup copy before making any changes. I suggest asking for help with this beforehand and get it from someone who knows exactly what they are doing.
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