Any experience running Xeoma over OMV?

    • OMV 0.4

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    • Any experience running Xeoma over OMV?

      Hello people!

      Before anything, ive been lurking around, and this sofware and community are great!, cheers!!. Im excited to join, and my first question around here would be related to this special sofware for CCTV monitoring.

      Right now i think OMV would cover all of my needs, but im not sure if i will be able to run this one and what would be the best method.

      So, anyone here has any experience / tips for me?.

      My options right now:

      1.- Try to install the software directly trough CLI, but not sure if doable since xeoma seems to be GUI dependent, although there is some headless installation tips around.
      2.- Install the Docker plugin and run the Xeoma container. Im not sure if the Docker plugin has access and its compatible with all the containers in the docker repo.

      I will try them tomorrow in my testing server, but some guidance would be nice before getting into too much trouble :)