Remaking 32bit file system as 64

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Remaking 32bit file system as 64

      Well my RAID pool finally got too big and I hit my limit on the 32bit file system. Luckily I have a buddy with enough storage that he an back up everything and let me nuke this file system and create a new one.

      I have a few questions. The RAID5 won't have to be set up again because the parity is already set up right? So just kill the file system remake it and move all my files back? I'm also going to be upgrading to OMV3.... Everything will be backed up so it isn't a huge deal but the software raid should survive the fresh OS install right? What about the file system? How do I make sure that stays intact? I guess I could redo the file system after the OMV upgrade. I just want to know if i have 14+ hours of the RAID building in my future after I wipe the OS and start fresh on OMV3.

      Thanks guys!