No such file or directory

    • OMV 3.x

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    • No such file or directory

      Hello, I'm very new to OMV and I'm having a strange issue when it comes to actually populating my NAS drives.
      I'm trying to move my things I've bought from Humble Bundle into a folder inside the NAS called 'Humble Bundle Purchases'.
      some files I can move over just fine, but at random I get an error when trying to copy over most of the files:

      Error while copying "The Walking Dead: Season 1.tar.gz".
      There was an error copying the file into smb://PiNAS.local/root/hedgepig/Humble%20Bundle%20Purchases.

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      No such file or directory

      Now there definitely is such file and directory, seeing as I could move other folders from that same location successfully.
      It seems to happen mostly with files with a ':' in it, but seems to be popping up in other occasions too, I think.
      Is there something I'm going wrong? What's causing this?