Sourceforge redesign error

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    • Sourceforge redesign error

      The sourceforge web site has been redesign.

      Jan 9TH 08:50PM: site is merely online ...
      Jan 9TH 11:19PM, this is what i found:

      When landing on summary pages, you will find the latest omv releases in the middle/bottom of the page. The latest files shown are 4.0.16-1 and 3.0.96. ( ok, saw this was .deb files, my mistake )
      But if you land on the regular file page, you will find release for 4.0.14 and 3.0.94 ...
      And on both pages, the green top button saying get the last version links to omv3.0.86 !!!!


      I believe some fix and updates are on the way ...

      But be careful on what you are looking for !!!
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    • Thx for the tip.
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