SSL cert for local ip and external ip?

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    • SSL cert for local ip and external ip?

      So iv gotten LetsEncrypt plugin to work with my domain and setup the omv webGUI to be accessed from my domain. When I try to access my OMV webGUI from its external and internal ip I get the good old invalid saying that the cert is for my domain not this ip can I fix this issue when accessing via the IPs.

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    • I had the same Problem and i used this solution:

      You need to configure your local DNS server (router, OMV Box) so it will answer DNS requests with your local IP.

      For example:

      Your public domains is ""
      The IP of your OMV Box is

      Configure your DNS Server with the IP for the Domain

      You can do this by using your OMV machine as your local DNS server (with dnsmasq plugin).

      You need to change the following file:


      add the following entry (replace with your adress and IP):

      and restart the dnsmasq service.

      Works great for me!