Howto install OMV on Orang Pi PC Plus?

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    • Howto install OMV on Orang Pi PC Plus?


      Trying my first steps with OMV.
      After reading around on this forum I was under the impression that it is no longer needed to download a custom OMV image for specific SBCs.
      Instead you can download Armbian for your SBC and then use Softy to install OMV.

      So that's what I tried for my new Orange Pi PC Plus.
      I downloaded the Armbian_5.35_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113 image, installed it with Etcher and booted.
      The board comes up fine, and I could SSH into it.
      However running armbian-config > software > softy I get a choice of Samba, CUPS, etc. but no OMV.

      Most likely I've misunderstood things, and OMV is not (yet?) installable through Softy.
      Can someone enlighten me on how to proceed?
      I tried finding the information, but there's a tonload of docs and discussions out there and just drowned...

    • macom wrote:

      Not sure if your Ubuntu version is a good one for OMV, but have a look here
      There wasn't much choice on the Armbian download page, just a server and desktop version.

      I tried your suggestion.
      The new softy shows a few more options, but not OMV.

      I forgot to mention that before I tried the Armbian route, I first checked the downloads from itself.
      However the model I have (Orange Pi PC PLus) is not listed in the "Other armhf images" subdir.

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    • I understand that it s boring to repeat that knowledge.
      For me, a new visitor to OMV, is us absolutely not clear that I can't use this Armbian/Ubuntu version though.

      My first logical step was to go to Documentation (link shown in footer at homepage).
      That has no information about installation, prerequisites etc.

      Next stop was the Wiki.
      The prerequisites there only mention i486/amd64.
      The Installation Guide indeed mentions Debian.

      Next stop was the Downloads page.
      It has ISOs for several OPI models, but mine is not listed.

      However, after reading around the forum I also found several messages where Armbian + Softy was mentioned.
      So I was under the impression that I could install Armbian and then install OMV through Softy.

      Sorry to have wasted your time and bored you, I honestly first tried to find things out on my own.
    • rene wrote:

      I was under the impression that I could install Armbian and then install OMV through Softy.
      Armbian is not a distribution but a project and a build system. Result of the build system are either Debian or Ubuntu based OS images.

      So choose a stable image with Jessie or Stretch in its name from (or and then armbian-config --> Software --> Softy --> Install OMV. Done.
    • This was part of my failure, thinking that Armbian was a distro, like eg Raspbian.
      The Armbian download page lured me into clicking one of the two big bold buttons, giving me a Ubuntu based image.
      Thanks to your explanation I now visited "other download options and archive" and got the Jessie image.
      OMV now shows up in Softy :)

      Thanks for the help, I'm off to explore OMV :)