Unable to delete Shared Folder

    • OMV 4.x
    • Unable to delete Shared Folder

      I know what you think - use resetperms. But it is resetperms which is using it - I broke it when I was on the way to formatting / Wiping hdd. I was able Wipe before I cleaned up share (wrong order of course).
      Then on running resetperms I restarted OMV, hoping it will end the process. But after restart resetperms shows in Shared Folders - Shared Folder In Use - on Share which I want to remove but I can't because of resetperms hanging on it (not doing anything).

      I have tried to switch Share to different HDD and run resetperms again on it - which finished OK, but didn't took of resetperms of that Shared Folder.
      How to "take off" resetperms from Shared Folder? Forcefully? Or basically cleanup "Shared Folder In Use"?