DIY NAS - VPN Torrent Streaming Camera

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    • DIY NAS - VPN Torrent Streaming Camera

      Dear members,

      A time ago I wanted to buy the Synology DS918+ but it is to pricey without HDD. So I want to build one.

      Requirements OS:
      - Light
      - Possible to put it on USB
      - RAID options
      - VPN - OpenVPN
      - Server to share media to the media player (without encoding)
      - Share files outside my NAS like Dropbox?
      - IP Camera option for 3 IP camera's
      - I have no a custom IP-Adress, I must use a DNS provider.

      I have the following laying around:
      - Case
      - RAM: 4GB Non-Error Checking
      - USB Drive: Toshiba U301 32 GB

      Some hardware to buy:
      - Motherboard: ASRock J4205-ITX
      - HDD: 2 or 4 HDD Disks

      Is the hardware setup good for my needs?

      Question of having two or four disks:
      Is there a difference between Raid 1 and Raid 10 performance for handling tasks on the NAS?
      Is there a difference between Raid 1 and Raid 10 performance in the GUI of the NAS?
      Is there a difference between Raid 1 and Raid 10 performance of sharing between the NAS and other devices at home?

      I want OpenMediaVault, because of many possitive reviews on internet.

      I want to put the OS on a USB, but the requirment is that it must have static wear leveling:
      If you use a Flash Drive, select one with static wear leveling[6], without it the drive will have a very short lifetime. It is also recommended to activate the Flash memory Plugin: (see Plug-ins) The entire disk is used as system disk. This disk can not be used to store user data.

      I have a Toshiba U301 32 GB, is this good for this? Otherwise if this can't be uses, is there a list with USB'S to see which has this technique?

      I want to have NO-IP, but how to configure it on the NAS? And if my Ip-adres changes what I must change on my NAS?

      How to setup all my needs, every help is appreciated.
    • Hi,

      Nice to read your project. A few replies/comments:

      • Motherboard: I would not go for an all in one motherboard. I had an ASRock QC5000-ITX/PH and this model was very limited when it comes to managing several tasks. Plus you would have a limited number of HDD ports, so evolution is limited. I would suggest you have a look at a new 1151 socket/H270-Z270 chipset/6 sata ports motherboards as they offer more upgrade options, and you could use a solid system drive instead of a usb stick... Price is for sure not the same but think about upgrading your server in future, or re-sale value...
      • Processor: celeron G3900 to start with, low consumption
      • Ram: 4gb ok to start with

      • VPN - OpenVPN: available as a plugin on release OMV 3, works very well
      • Multimedia: plex is probably your best choice, it comes as a plugin and works very well. Be careful, plex is not for free, but the investment for a license is worth it, and you can easily get access to your library outside your home network. Not transcoding is possible but that depends on your network speed, and the medias you would stream (eg if you stream big H265 video files, there could be a need to transcode and you could reach the limits of G3900 celeron).
      • Share files outside my NAS: a lot of choices here (ftp/sftp, owncloud...) with plenty of plugins or docker images available. That depends on what you are more comfortable with. And with OPEN VPN, you can also get access to your local samba shares.
      • IP Camera option for 3 IP camera's: it depends on what you plan to do with these cameras. if this is just monitoring, then any camera app should be fine. If you want something more advanced, there is an open source software called ZONEMINDER that allows to perform motion detection, recordings, replays... available as a docker image. That can be tricky to setup but once done very stable.
      • custom IP-Adress: I personally use NO-IP service, working fine.
      • Is that mandatory for you to have raid? If you just need raid to keep your datas safe, then you can probably use rsync to make daily backups. It all depends on your needs.
      You should find tutorials for each step of your NAS build. Good luck :thumbsup:

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    • Going with the NAS build is very optimistic of you and I just want to congratulate you with the project. However the internet is no more a safe place to be as in recent times the copyright trolls are coming hard on individual who love torrenting. My suggestion for your project should be to choose the best vpn for torrenting as many providers out there claims a lot and delivers nothing. Always make sure their servers are P2P optimized and have a no logging policy.
      Again good luck with your initiative!