Terminal / small PC / ARM - what to choose

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    • Terminal / small PC / ARM - what to choose



      I would like to build my first NAS :) It should be one drive NAS with full disk encryption (disk size: 2TB) and quite compact physical size. I want to use OMV to do this and I plan to boot OMV from flash USB or micro SD card and hard drive will be for data. The problem is that I stucked with decision which hardware to use. Because NAS wouldn't be used a lot (2 - 3 devices and not in the same time) and I my budget is limited I consider to buy second-hand terminal: HP T5470 / HP T610 / Dell FX160 or an old PC in USFF like HP dc700p (the biggest in size and the most electricity hungry) or ARM platform (one of this: Which energy efficient ARM platform to choose?) or some second-hand old NAS (like QNAP, Synology or Zyxel) if it is possible to put OMV on it...

      So could you be so kind and advice me what to choose :) Or maybe I should look for something else?

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      From what you have written I would go for the ARM platform. For sure it is a good starting point. Of course it also depends on what you want to do with the NAS. "Only" data storage or also media streaming etc.

      There are some thready in the forums about isntalling on QNAP, Synology or Zyxel. I have the impression there is a lot of trouble to instal OMV on it. But search the forum to build up your own mind. I am also not sure this is really less invest than going the ARM route with a divece from the post you linked.

      Others might have different ideas.
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