mdadm: no arrays found in config file or automatically

    • OMV 4.x

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    • liquid7 wrote:

      Markess wrote:

      Definitely need to defer to you on these things, as its way above my expertise. In any case, I now think my issue is slightly different from the others here. I'm failing to boot due to the mdadm message others are getting, followed by busybox prompt, But in my case, I was starting with a fresh install and no disks connected. I wanted to pull some baseline power numbers with no disks attached, and couldn't get it to boot due to that message. I never got to the point where I connected the disks, so different situation than failure to re-assemble an array.
      Check the last reply on my thread Unable to boot after installation (Dropping to a shell!) I think you may have the same problem which I did.
      Your screenshot in the first post of that thread is exactly what I was getting. I'll reinstall in the next day or so when I have a moment and take a look at Grub at boot. I'll see if the fix in that thread works for me. and will try what @ryecoaaron recommends above: raid=noautodetect .

      What is really strange to me is that I haven't used RAID in years. Not since @ryecoaaron recommended I try rsync instead of RAID quite some time back. Now I'm using Snapraid, so there's never been an array to assemble or reassemble, or have any other kind of issue with!
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