Firewall Config for Plex Agents/Mediascanner

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    • Firewall Config for Plex Agents/Mediascanner

      first of all: Thank you for what you have been doing with OMV in the last years.
      I am quite new to debian linux, but understand some concepts an feel well inside the environment. Actually I have no clue in using/administering it xD

      • I installed OMV 4.0.14 and updated to 4.0.16 with the update management
      • I tried to install plex via OMV, which did not work, so I used the current 1.10.x version from Plex Homepage
      • I setup the firewall according to those tables:…xample-of-OMV-s-firewall/
      • Everything works fine with the INPUT / OUTPUT reject all rules at the end besides two things:
        • With the input reject all active I cannot add media libraries. The language drop down is not active, some agents fail etcp
        • With the output reject all active the media data cannot be retrieved
      Here is a screenshot of my plex entries of the firewall. I also have an output rule for source port 5353

      I tried to find port information for Plex Agents and Media Scanners, but was not succesfull in doing it.
      Does anyone know?
      My current solution is: Keep it open until media library is built for the first time, but that is not really what I want. :)

      Best regards,

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